The History of Lizanne's

The History of Lizanne's

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Established since 1972

Lizanne’s is a North American based company with origins deeply rooted in fabric manufacturing. From inception, Lizanne’s recognized the importance of how their materials can function as an essential tool towards building individual expression amongst their consumers. Lizanne’s took advantage of the eclectic fashion textiles which emerged from the decade, and maintained demand by producing various fabrics.

Lizanne’s began offering consumers polyester, which at the time was the new staple fiber, as it offered consumers a cheap and versatile alternative amongst the emergence of luxury fibers such as nylon, rayon blends, silk, etc. Unfortunately, as with many trends, the eclectic textile popularity came to a screeching halt as the fashion evolution took on another form. 

In order to remain relevant in the consumer mind - Lizanne’s created a new direction of individual expression by allowing their consumer means to customize their unique taste, this time within the comfort of their homes. Unlike fashion, bed linen is a realm where fabrics and textiles can stand the test of time. There’s something about different patterns and textures that evoke a sense of nostalgia and bring forth a new definition to the word, 'comfort'.

With the enhanced focus towards sleep, Lizanne’s has not only been able to reinvent personal identity but also, reinvent the idea of sleep. With decades of experience, Lizanne’s is considered the modern "Sleep Connoisseurs" - helping individuals find that perfect bedding combination to ensure a better night’s sleep.