Who the heck is Lizanne's?

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Buckle up, folks!
We’re about to go back in time to give you a little recap of our humble roots.


Lizanne’s Est. 1972 -
Bright colours, exoctic prints, corduroy, polyester, or a combination of the above, really echoed the popular trends amongst fashion textiles at the time. With Lizanne’s already heavily rooted in fabric manufacturing, this decade proved the importance of how their materials can function as an essential tool towards building individual expression amongst their consumers. Production was booming! Lizanne’s maintained their success by keeping consistent with their delivery of various fabrics, specifically polyester blends. Polyester kept Lizanne’s in high-demand as it was considered a cheap and versatile alternative to luxury fibres such as nylon, silk, etc.

As they say - all good things come to an end.

The eclectic fashions trends of the 70’s took a screeching halt, thus blowing out the fire in Lizanne’s success. In order to remain relevant in the consumer mind - Unlike fashion, bed linen is a realm where fabrics and textiles can stand the test of time. With the enhanced focus towards sleep, Lizanne’s has not only been able to reinvent personal identity but also, reinvent the idea of sleep.

We won’t bore you with the full timeline, that’s just no fun! However if you’re interested in knowing more you can read our full history here.

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