New Year, New Goals

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Happy New Year, folks!

With the start of a new year, we want to inform our customers of products we carry which are created from technological processes that help us produce sustainable bedding. At Lizanne’s, our commitment of producing high quality products that are environmentally sound continues to be one of our guiding principles that are deeply ingrained in our values.


smartfil technology pillowsmartfil technology matt padsmartfil technology duvet 


This month’s feature is The Smartfil Technology line which consists of a duvet, mattress pad, pillows available in various sizes. This product goes through 4 vital stages before we can enjoy the final product.

1. Collection
Once collected, used plastic bottles are assorted, separated, and compressed into bales.
2. Washing
The bottles are run through a washing machine and sterilized.
3. Pellets
Plastics are separated and chopped into flakes, heated, extruded, cooled and chopped into pellets.
4. Fibre
The pellets are heated and spun into a very fine, soft-thread, eco-friendly fibre.

The Smartfil Technology line provides a product you can genuinely feel good about owning, knowing you’ve made a conscious decision to act in a mindful manner. Remember: together we can make a difference!

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