“There is only one thing we say to cold.....Not today”.

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Canadian winters, (or the entirety of the winter season….), can get pretty difficult to maneuver. Between drastic drops in temperatures, constant layering, and dealing with shovelling all season long can really make winter a drag. The uncertainty of how long it’ll take for your fingers to defrost is always a doozy. That, and how long it’ll take the rest of your limbs to catch up to the warmer parts of your body. 🥶

Just like Arya during her sword training sessions, we’ll teach you how to stay warm and experience a cozy restful night all winter season.

* Pssst...if you missed that Game of Thrones reference....
It’s okay, we can still be friends.

The secret? 🔥
We don’t usually kiss and tell but ....The Thermal Relief Electric Matt Pad. With 8 heat settings, 4 timer settings, and automatic shutoff - you’ll be sleeping in comfort every night.

Check it out and keep your marshmellow's toasty this winter season!

With Love,

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