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Have you ever wondered how ‘silverware’ got its name?
Some of you might be aware of this fact and you’ve beat me at my own game. If that’s the case, congratulations smarty-pants!

For those of you who don’t, let’s bring you up to speed.

You see back in the day (we’re talking ancient civilization here) - the metal ions from silver were best in its rank at killing living cells, and organisms (including mold, fungi, viruses, algae, and many others). Ancient civilizations used silver vessels to keep water pure, while sailors used to throw silver coins into their milk to keep it from spoiling on long journeys before modern refrigeration. Fast forward through the centuries and silver coats our utensils due to the fact they are very hygienic and have antibacterial and disinfectant properties.

The more you know! 🌠

Today - silver is largely used to aid in healing, purifying, and preventing any type of physical ailments. We commonly see silver practiced in places such as hospitals to help accelerate the healing of wounds or skin conditions. In our case, silver can be found in all of our performance and protection based utility bedding. We partner and trust Silverclear™ brand as a reliable base to some unique collections. Silverclear™ is an ecological solution that coats our products with an antimicrobial finish, significantly deterring allergens. The Silverclear™ antimicrobial and mold resistant properties protect against dust mites and bacteria. 

We also offer non-Silverclear™ branded items that are still treated with a silver based coating, making it a great antimicrobial option. However, these products come with different areas of focus such as our Elements collection, while others are naturally antimicrobial. Our natural fibres Bamboo, Wool, and Silk are perfect examples.

That being said - some products tackle one specific problem, while others do it all.

Our Total Protection products are the ultimate threat against things that may bite in the night. Offered in a mattress protector, pillow protector, and encasement - these three pack a punch in regards to ensuring a clean and safe sleeping environment. It is treated with an antimicrobial, and water and stain resistant finish, offering complete barrier protection. We’re so impressed with their quality that we’ve made them the February monthly feature!

We recommend these products for anyone who is in some type of rental/overnight stay situation. If you’re an Air BnB host - the Total Protection Mattress Protector makes a perfect addition within your bedrooms for your guests as it helps protect the sleeping environment for your guests and the state of your assets.

If you’re a student freshly moving out into a dorm/rental situation and using provided furniture, the Total Protection Mattress Encasement has all 6 sides covered. It helps seal out bed bugs that may arise within a dorm setting, and eliminates transfer of previous microorganisms living in the provided mattress.

Or you might be a hotel owner seeking a way to simply make adjustments for all your local or international guests, especially during times of covid. Regardless of your situation, these are sound investments that enhance your experiences both short and long-term.

Check out our homepage for the monthly feature on our Total Protection Collection, as you can find other protector products here.

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