It’s No Use Waiting For Your Ship To Come In…..

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“….unless you’ve sent one out".


Have you ever bought sheets, excited to test how comfy the first time you jump into bed will feel - only to realize its scratchy, stiff, or the combination of both?
What about the rushing anxiety when you ask a store employee where the Queen sized sheets are, to them bombarding you with several types of sheets in that specific sizing?
Or what about when you thought those 2-pack discounted pillows were a steal, only to realize they’ve managed to perfectly enclose air in that cotton shell?

If the answer to any of the above is yes - your frustrations have been heard, we’re here for you!

Even in our humble beginnings it’s been an upward climb trying to understand the vast amount of different fibres, the quality of each, and how they benefit our bodies and sleep. This is why at Lizanne’s, we value getting down to brass tacks. The Sleep Connoisseur’s have taken the time to go through our inventory and map out recommendations but need your help to get that perfect bedding formula.
(You’re the last piece of the puzzle so to speak…. and ohhh, how satisfying it feels to put that last piece into place!)

Here’s our ask -
What do you find is the most confusing, frustrating, or intimidating factor you have towards purchasing bedding products?

No holds barred - so please do not overthink or doubt your response.
If you’re in a sharing mood, we appreciate a good story about a specific incident you may have had in the past. Remember, we’re doing this to best help you.

Leave us a comment below and get this dialogue rollin’!

With Love,

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