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Our goal at Lizanne’s is to make you more confident and conscious when making bedding related purchases, as we know there’s a lot of categories we can dissect. If you’ve made it to this blog post it’s safe to say the most commonly known fibre is polyester, or some sort of polyester blend. If you’re an adult now, you probably remember growing up with these pillows. Super fluffy and soft, but with each passing sleepover it somehow formed into a pancake. Now, we don’t want to dismiss polyester as a whole. There are plenty of beneficial factors about that fill type, and technological advances since our childhood that have made it a resilient fibre. However, preferences are a thing and we’d like to share ours with you.

That being said- let’s break down our favourite natural fill fibre beddings.

  • Bamboo is the world’s most renewable material and is the fastest-growing woody plant in the world
  • To thrive bamboo requires no pesticides and little water, making it an increasingly popular eco-friendly option
  • Bamboo fibre is created from breaking down the natural plant into a mush using natural enzymes, combing out the fibres, and spinning it into a yarn
  • Bamboo bedding wicks away the extra heat twice as fast as other fabrics.
  • Naturally hypoallergenic and breathable, Bamboo is resistant to dust mites, mould, and mildew.
  • Antimicrobial and natural deodorizer
  • Bamboo will wick the moisture to the surface of the bedding and evaporates keeping you dry while you sleep
  • Bamboo is surprisingly soft to touch, yet extremely durable
  • Bamboo mimics the characteristics of silk and satin, but at a much affordable price point

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down fill

  • Nature’s best insulation.
  • This fibre comes from the soft undercoating of ducks and geese, or a combination of each with feather.
  • Down fill is soft, fluffy and luxurious
  • Down fill is characterized by its signature three dimensional cluster.
  • Down products have different price points dependant on the size/density, (also known as fill power), of the fibre cluster
  • Rule of thumb: larger clusters (fill power) equate to higher overall quality of the product
  • Down is considered nature’s best insulator offering lightweight warmth without causing overheating.
  • Naturally hypoallergenic and breathable allowing it to resist moisture and elements, such as dust mites, from collecting.
  • Down fibres wrap themselves around your body, head, and neck resulting in less muscle straining for a better sleep
  • Durable and resilient - can be washed, dried, and easily fluffed to original soft, bouncy form.
  • Down products are a long-term investments that won’t disappoint

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Silk fibre bedding

  • We have deep and abiding respect for the silkworms that dedicate their lives and grateful for the fruits of their labour in which they pass along to us
  • Most honour the production of silk by referring it as ‘The Queen of fibres’ or ‘Epitome of Luxury’
  • Renowned for its lustrous appearance, fine quality, beautiful drape, and soft handle.
  • Characterized as a thin continuous thread which holds several beneficial proteins
  • Regulates body temperature regardless of season: this means that even on the hottest nights, silk keeps you at the perfect temperature all night long.
  • Silk is not treated with any type of chemical, as doing so would ruin the fibre, thus reducing your exposure to harm
  • Top rated hypoallergenic fabrics as it prevents moisture and dust mites from settling into your bed.
  • Natural proteins from amino acids found in silk benefit those who suffer from skin conditions, and are known to prevent fine lines and wrinkles by speeding up cell metabolism
  • The smooth surface of silk pillowcases prevent hair breakage, as it encounters less friction while you move in your sleep
  • Silk absorbs less natural oils, maintaining hair hydration, resulting in smoother, frizz-free hair 

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Wool fibre bedding

  • Wool is one of the oldest fibres - trusted and true, a classic if you will
  • One of the most common and most versatile natural fibres
  • A microscopic view of the fibres surface shows overlapping scales of protein, which causes the fibre strands to interlock and create a strong, durable bond
  • It is the ideal bedding as it keeps your body warm or cool depending on the time of year
  • Promotes and maintains a dry sleeping environment with its natural moisture wicking capabilities
  • Wool fibres have natural elasticity and maintains its form after years of wear making it incredibly durable
  • Naturally resistant to bacteria and allergens due to their capabilities to quickly absorb and release moisture, thus eliminating damp conditions that microbes thrive on.
  • A linen closet must-have for those who suffer from dust mite allergies.
  • Wool collection is a sustainable process called ‘sheering’ - essentially a haircut for sheep.
  • !!* The sheering process does not inflict any harm to the animal *!!

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We understand all this information may still be a lot to take in....
So with that in mind, we’re offering a one time 10% discount for all natural fibre products. Apply promo code NATFILL101 at checkout.

We hope you take the opportunity to experience these yourself and share your experience with us in the reviews!

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